Transferring Websites

Due to changes in the software on Wix, editing my old site is no longer visually accessible – which has forced me to look elsewhere.
It seems many website creating platforms help you to make your site accessible to others……but they don’t expect visually impaired to people to create websites!
I’ve also been recently told of many other issues with Wix that have concerned me – so I’ve come to

person using black laptop computer on white table, glasses folded in front of the computer, and a foliage plant behind it.

I’ve never liked WordPress in the past, but recently found out that is different to – and it was the .org part I disliked (who knew!)

I still have a love/hate relationship with WordPress, so this is going to be a learning curve. I can’t be so hot on the design side with it, which is a shame as that’s something I love doing, but at least it it will show up in search engines. (Update – already faring better than wix after 5 years with them!)

So, so bear with me as I transfer stuff to here (Wix don’t allow you to migrate content).

If you’ve headed here wanting to see some of my writing, I tend to write for others!
You can find me on Christian Today – just search for Kay Morgan-Gurr. (They don’t come up in order, so the top one won’t be my latest!
I’ll put some more links on later to other writings.
And eventually…..I’ll have some of my old content over here.

Be blessed and have a nice day!

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