Social Media – Private vs Ministry.

A man in a striped top sleeping with his head on his laptop. You can only see the back of his head.

With my change in ministry focus, I’m also trying to put better practices in place that mean I can create a healthier separation between home life and work. I know it’s an issue many who work from home face, and like me – many have found the pandemic has blurred the lines even further.
Almost all my social media spans both work and personal stuff (Not my Instagram – I’m only there for the knitting!)

Therefore I’m trying to sort my social media so I can separate ‘work’ and ‘not work’.
I get lots of Facebook friends requests from people I don’t know because of my work, and a while ago I did let some in as an experiment. 

It turns out all but one wanted to either sell me something or turn me into a healing project..…or both! They were quickly de-friended.

I need my personal Facebook to be a safe space full of people who know me and love me, so I’ve decided to create a ministry page where people who like my work, but I don’t actually know, can follow me. 

It feels a bit self important to have my own ‘page’ – only well known people do that don’t they? And yet, I don’t see my friends in ministry who do this as self important – I see it as protecting their privacy and personal space….so why am I still feeling uncomfortable about it!

As well as needing my safe space, I’ve also noticed that my work posts don’t tend to be so popular on my personal Facebook (that’s compared to pictures of creations I’ve crocheted/knitted – they are VERY popular!!) These work posts tend to only have some interaction with people I’m friends with through work or those who follow my ministry. 

I don’t have a problem with this at all – I don’t fixate on numbers of likes, I just don’t want to irritate people with stuff they don’t want to see! And it’s the reason why I only post work things on there once and don’t re-share. But this has also influenced my decision to change how my Facebook works.

I will continue to put basic work stuff on my personal Facebook for my prayer supporters, but will have more on the ministry page.

If you don’t do Facebook – you can still see the page, you just can’t follow it! 

Feel free to ‘follow’ this blog for updates or follow me on Twitter (@kaymorgan_gurr) – which is purely work based with a hint of personal fun.

The page is currently called Kay Morgan-Gurr. The Pondering Platypus and can also be found by searching PonderingPlatypusTrainingAndConsultancy.

You can also click HERE to be directed to the page (This will open in a new window)

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