A Brief Update

Baxter the bear, enjoying the view out of the window on our brief holiday.

I’ll start with a heartfelt thanks to all those who support and pray for us – we couldn’t do what we do without you all!

If you missed the update about the streamlining of my ministry, you can catch up a little with this interview with our pastor, Andy. It gives a brief overview of what and why.

At the moment I am a victim of the Doodle Poll – people send you a poll to see when you are free for a meeting, and have all come back in the same week, alongside various other conferences and consultations already in the diary. Actually, this happened over two separate weeks with our holiday squished in the middle!

We would normally take two weeks holiday at this time of year, but we couldn’t find anywhere both affordable and vacant for two weeks in the uk. Instead we booked one week on the Norfolk coast overlooking the sea and it was lovely.

We are aware that we have not taken the annual leave we should, but we are trying to make that up with extra time off here and there….. when I’m not on line with something else!

My first foray into the world of ‘in person’ work happened with good mitigations in place. This was the EA council summit – a wonderful time, but exhausting having people around after over 18 months of shielding.

I have another in-person event in November that will be as safe as possible, but I’m still keeping these in person events to a minimum and only when I can realistically do them safely.

I know the coming weeks may look quieter, but I’m also aware that can change in a moment.
In the meantime I’m planning to sort out my office to make it an easier space to work in – which I’ve been trying to do for the whole pandemic.
Here’s hoping it actually happens.
There may even be photos…..

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