Why does Jesus heal people in the Gospels?

This post is far more eloquent than I would be in talking around this subject.
Why does Jesus heal?

Fearfully and wonderfully made

This blog is seeking to understand more fully why Jesus heals people in the gospel accounts. Specifically does Jesus’ healing signify some kind of physical norm that people need to be restored to as part of Jesus’ mission to ultimately restore all of creation? I will argue that this is not the case, rather that Jesus heals people because, quite simply he is asked to. Therefore, the physical norm people are seeking to obtain exists only in their own minds and not in the mind of the creator.

Within the gospels there are roughly 4 types of healing narrative surrounding Jesus.

General summaryDisabled person seeks healingFriend/family seeks healingJesus heals without a request
Matt 4:24Matt 9:21Matt 8:8Matt 12:13
Matt 8:16Matt 9:29Matt 9:4
Matt 12:15Matt 14:36Matt 12:22
Matt 14:14Matt 21:14Matt 15:28
Matt 15:30Matt 17:18
Matt 19:2
Mark 6:13Mark…

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