About Me

This is the page I always resist writing.
But I’m told it’s a helpful thing to do….. so here it goes!

A head and shoulders photo of Kay wearing a mustard coloured blouse with flower prints, pearls and glasses. She has silver and grey hair.

The Working Me

I’ve been in full time ministry for over 27 years, having initially trained with Scripture Union. Before that I was a nurse specialising in children with disabilities and additional needs.

I joined Children Worldwide 26 years ago, and was general director with my hubby Steve for many years. We are still members!

I’m passionate about and deliver training on:

  • Building spiritual resilience in children of all abilities
  • Children being included in the whole life of the church – regardless of need or ability.
  • The church reaching out to children in their communities – regardless of need or ability.
  • The church reaching out to vulnerable children in every sphere of need.
  • I’m also passionate about the same things for adults with additional needs and disabilities, and often train and advise in that area too.

I have a longstanding reputation for working with, and training leaders of, children who have additional needs and disabilities – something I’ve been passionate about since I was 14 years old.

​I often work alongside my lovely hubby Steve. Together, we do assemblies, inter-generational services, training events and more. Steve mentors others in ministry, is an accomplished ventriloquist and great children’s worker in his own right.

​What I do often tends to be in the name of other people and organisations – which I love. This ministry is not about me, it’s about Kingdom work. As you will see from my rather neglected blog – I’m usually writing for other people.

To help you, here’s a summary of what I do:

  • Chair of the “Children Matter!” Coalition (FaithFull Generation).
  • Co-Founder of the Additional Needs Alliance.
  • Advisor on Additional Needs/Disability for both children and adults.
  • Trainer of those working with children and adults who have additional needs and disabilities in any faith setting. (Bespoke training tailored to need, free to churches with limited financial resources.)
  • Speaker for children’s events, camps etc.
  • Puppeteer.
  • Story teller.
  • Trainer in all aspects of children’s work.Consultant & advisor in anything to do with children and children’s work.
  • Children & Family Advocate.
  • Disability Advocate.


I am also:

  • An Evangelical Alliance Council Member.
  • Part of Home For Good’s Council of Reference.
  • Represent the Children Matter coalition and the Additional Needs Alliance as an associate of “Churches For All”.
  • Disability and Additional Needs Advisor to Spring Harvest (children, youth and adults).
  • A member of Children Worldwide.
  • The previous National Director of Children Worldwide – also alongside my lovely hubby Steve. (Stepped down January 2016)
  • A blogger (as the Pondering Platypus) – when I have time!
  • Regular writer for Christian Today.
  • An occasional writer for the Youth and Children’s Work Magazine and many other publications.
  • And many other things that may appear – during the current Covid crisis, the ‘many other things’ list is growing! There’s now lots of recordings of my training, interviews and presentations out there!
  • The person behind the Pondering Platypus Resources – creative prayer for families in the home (But also usable in a church context)
  • And…. I’m often asked to write chapters for books!

I Am Accountable To:

  • My Council of Reference: (The link between Children Worldwide & my Church) Ruth Dunning (Chair), Chris & Sharon Leeson, Kathryn Parker, Ray & Marion Lovejoy
  • The Leadership of my ‘sending’ church where I am a mission Partner. (Knighton Free Church)
  • The Trustees of Family Foundations Trust (Via Children Worldwide)

​​I strongly believe in the need for good accountability​ and maintaining integrity in all I do. I publish this information here to allow transparency, and give a place to raise any concerns or ask questions.

If you would like to book me for anything, please don’t assume I’m too busy – contact me and let’s talk!

The Everyday Me:

  • A shy introvert who loves knitting, crochet and writing.
  • Gadget geek who appreciates real coffee (lactose free milk & one sugar please!)
  • Dislike tea most of the time.
  • Definitely hate ironing…..
  • Married to the gorgeous Steve.
  • Just happen to be disabled – but it doesn’t stop me (I either use a four wheeled beast-ette called ‘Pippin’, or a foldable lightweight – as yet un-named – power chair to get around. They are interchangeable depending on circumstances, comfort required, and the transport I need to access getting to meetings) You can find out more about about my conditions here:
  • If people say or assume I can’t do something because of my disability – my common reply is: #JustWatchMe

Would You Like to Support Me?
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