• A Brief Update

    I’ll start with a heartfelt thanks to all those who support and pray for us – we couldn’t do what we do without you all! If you missed the update about the streamlining of my ministry, you can catch up a little with this interview with our pastor, Andy. It gives a brief overview of […]

  • High Court Ruling

    This is a difficult post to write. Information about the court ruling I am talking about can be found here (Click the word ‘here’ that is in bold print) It needs a trigger warning for text talking about ‘elective termination’ up to 40 weeks, specifically due to disability. The difference with this campaign is its […]

  • Social Media – Private vs Ministry.

    With my change in ministry focus, I’m also trying to put better practices in place that mean I can create a healthier separation between home life and work. I know it’s an issue many who work from home face, and like me – many have found the pandemic has blurred the lines even further.Almost all […]

  • What Was I Praying…?

    I wrote this back in 2013 as part of a longer series on prayer. I’ve reworked it a bit to to make it a stand alone piece and also have it on the Pondering Platypus Resources site. I hope you find it helpful: Let’s be honest – we all find prayer difficult at some point […]

  • What Are You Afraid Of?

    I’m shielding.I’ve seen posts on social media saying people like me are cowards, making a mountain out of a molehill, or making Covid an excuse for what we don’t want to do etc. None of these things are true! No one has actually asked me what I’m afraid of, but I’m aware there are some […]

  • “But, You’re Disabled?”: Ministry, Disability and How it Works (For Me).

    Just in case you don’t know me: I’m in full time ministry and have been for over 27 years. I’m also disabled. I don’t want disability to be the starting point – but rather an ‘Oh by the way’, because I am more than my wheels and the way my eyes work. That should be […]

  • Faith Vaccination

    Vaccines have understandably taken on a new wonder recently. It’s the thing that appears to be bringing about a lowering of illness and death, and the reason we are starting to have more freedoms. As a ex nurse, I’ve always been a believer in all vaccines. They are a good thing. A dead, weakened or […]

  • Hugs & Awareness Days

    The writer in me really enjoys having two random things to combine in a post, and today gives me the satisfaction of being able to do this. Both of the illnesses I have are pain disorders: One is Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (CMPS). If I lived in the USA I could add ‘stage four’ at […]

  • Transferring Websites

    Due to changes in the software on Wix, editing my old site is no longer visually accessible – which has forced me to look elsewhere.It seems many website creating platforms help you to make your site accessible to others……but they don’t expect visually impaired to people to create websites!I’ve also been recently told of many […]

  • Inclusion Is Not a ‘Special Interest’, It’s the Gospel.

    It is International Day of Persons with Disabilities today “Let us work together for the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in an inclusive and sustainable world that embraces humanity in all its diversity.” Ban Ki-moon. I usually blog about this day. But I didn’t know what to write. I’ve had my fill […]