• It Takes A Whole Church To Nurture Faith

    Ok, so the title of this post isn’t my own – It’s stolen from a colleague who was writing material for Children Matter’s project ‘Faithfull Generation’. As part of the team putting this project together, I felt it was ok to use it…. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven! In my mother’s day post I referred […]

  • Spiritual Inclusion

    I’m going to be at the Hand in Hand conference in Eastbourne. The Additional Needs Alliance (ANA) has for the last few years done a forum before the conference, but this year we decided to run it through the main conference itself. One of the key subjects we will be looking at in the ANA […]

  • Are We Inspiring a Generation?

    For the first time ever, the catch phrase for the Olympics and the Paralympics (2012) is the same: “Inspire a Generation”. It’s a good phrase! All over the world, the younger generation are being inspired by positive role models who are competing in the Olympics, and the same will happen when it comes to the […]

  • I Have a Dream

    Let me introduce you to Gemma…. She’s 8, is autistic and love’s Jesus. But sometimes – she doesn’t love Jesus. Sometimes she can be profound with her comments about Jesus, sometimes she just doesn’t want to even talk about Him – preferring to play with some lego, giving the impression she’s not listening. But she […]