Christmas Greetings from the Morgan-Gurrs

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Firstly, we hope & pray this Christmas is a time of peace and blessing for you.

We haven’t done a proper news letter for a while, preferring to do shorter updates on Kay’s blog. But this year has been a season of change, so we wanted to do a proper letter!

For the first time since Steve starting full time with Kay, we find ourselves working separately, although Steve still goes with Kay as her PA when she travels (Not often at the moment!).
Steve is of an age to retire, although we don’t think that will happen for a while!
He is still pastor for Children Worldwide and part of their steering group – roles that keep him busy. He’s still doing some puppetry training and enjoys making bespoke puppet videos for children who might need some encouragement.

The various lockdowns and the need for both of us to be careful have been both a blessing and a difficulty. A blessing because everything going on line expanded Kay’s ministry hugely, and a difficulty because it expanded things too much!

Kay’s work with Children Matter had almost quadrupled from the point of her becoming the ‘chair’. This was due to the appetite for training and gathering growing so much with children and family leaders during 2020. This has since set in place a series of forums and think tanks that look set to continue for a few more years!

Alongside this, her work in the area of additional needs and disability was growing too! As co-founder of the Additional Needs Alliance, she found she didn’t have enough time to do what she wanted to do within this wonderful group, so towards the end of the summer, after discussion with our council of reference and the leadership of our church, Kay officially stepped down from Children Matter.

Additional Needs Alliance Logo. Nest to the name is a heart with what looks like a maze inside it

This has meant she could she could streamline her ministry into her first love of ministry – work with and alongside those with disabilities and additional needs. This is primarily with children, young people and families, but also alongside adults.

Kay thought she would have 2 or 3 months grace to rest a bit having stepped back from CM, but this hasn’t been the case! It has been 3 months of people booking her to do training, consultancy, podcasts and many, many interviews.

The diary is continually filling, and she now has one organisation and one national denomination wanting her to deliver training across all their regions.

Photo of Kay. Head and shoulders shot, with wheelchair slightly visible
Photo of Kay at an
EA council meeting

It’s been great to do two events with CAPuk, and Kay will be working with them in the future – which she’s really looking forward to!

She continues to write regularly for Christian Today (an online paper) and for many other publications on a more ad hoc basis. She’s also continues to be the disability and additional needs advisor to Spring Harvest – which she loves!

Kay has had a few changes with her existing health issues over the last year, especially with a significant worsening of her double vision, more pain in her eyes, problems with less muscle strength and increasing muscle spasms. She’s is currently awaiting hospital appointments….but with covid, it could take a very long time before they come through.

We have had a blog for a long time – ‘The Pondering Platypus’. People love this name, so Kay has been using it more and more recently – you’ll see how in a moment:

A cartoon of a pink platypus

After a few issues with the WIX website, we have moved it across to WordPress – a long process slowed down by Kay’s wonky eye sight (Steve doesn’t really do technology!). But it means there are many ways to keep up with what we’re up to!

Kay’s Websites: (This site)
This is our main ministry page. Kay puts short ministry updates on there as well as her own blogs about disability, additional needs and inclusion.
This is currently being filled with prayer resources that can be used with mixed ability children, young people and families. This will soon have other accessible ministry tools added to it.

Social media:
We are both on Facebook – easily found as we have a unique surname! You’ll see a lot of Kay’s knitting and crochet projects on there, but she does give real time updates on what we’re doing ministry wise.

Kay now has a Facebook Ministry page so she can can keep her (private) facebook safe with just people she knows – do like & follow it to see what she’s writing and doing. It’s called ‘Kay Morgan-Gurr. The Pondering Platypus‘.

Pondering Platypus resources also has a facebook page – do let families, children’s leaders or anyone you think would be interested know about this!

You can find both these easily with a quick search – or ask Kay for a link.

We both have twitter accounts!
For Kay, hers is mainly a work account with a bit of yarn craft showing off(!) You can find her on @KayMorgan_Gurr. She retweets the platypus resources account to this too (@TheoThePlatypus)
Steve is @SteveMorganGurr…..He tends to be less active here.

A photo of Steve sitting in a garden. There is a low wooden fence behind him and a field beyond that. You can see the sea in the background..
Steve on our holiday in Norfolk

Kay does have an Instagram account – but not for work. She’s only there for the knitting and crochet patterns!

Please do keep in touch – send a text, a WhatsApp, an email or even snail mail! We’re craving contact from people at the moment and we’d love to hear from you!

With continued thanks and much love Kay and Steve x

You can download a copy of this letter to print below (although, minus the health update).

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