If you would like to book me for anything, please don’t assume I’m too busy – contact me and let’s talk!

I try to keep the diary up to date, but in this Covid world I’m finding my bookings are becoming more and more last minute! So, the diary sometimes looks empty 7 days before, but within a few days the week is full!

I have regular things that happen; constant writing commissions, lots of paperwork, planning for speaking engagements and updating for the Pondering Platypus Resources to do. So, you won’t see everything in this diary.
The additional Needs Alliance core team meets every two weeks on a Friday Morning. We also have a Children Worldwide zoom gathering every other Tuesday evening that Steve organises.

Some of Steve’s meetings will appear on here too – although he’s semi retired, he still has stuff to do!

12th. 2pmEA Disability Round Table meeting
13th AM

Speaking at Oxford Diocese Disability Conference.
Children Matter Think Tank
14thSpring Harvest Theme (2023) Theme Consultation day – Postponed
15thCAPuk planning meeting
16th“Eye Can Make A Difference” (Through the Roof event) Not speaking, just enjoying!
30thOne Way UK festival – online
Kay – session on creative prayer
Steve – Session on ventriloquism
3rd amDry run for CAPuk Manager’s Conference
5th10 am: SWBA interview over zoom
12 pm: ANA Core team meeting
10th – 11thCAPuk Conf. Leeds
11th pmCouncil of Reference
Interview – UCB1 (10.10 am)
Spring Harvest team prep day
17th amChildren Matter Forum
23rdYFC Team training
25th pmSpring Harvest Consultation.
1stSteve: Children Worldwide Steering Group
8thChildren Matter Think Tank
7th – 9thChildren Worldwide Conference – Northampton
11thTeaching at Cliff College
12thChildren Matter Forum
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