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Having shared an update on my ministry last week, I promised something on what ministry will look like for me now.

There are some regular things that will repeat along with other known stuff. But there will be some unknowns – a given in any ministry.

Here’s the basics for you:

Additional Needs Alliance
I’ve not been able to do as much as I wanted for some time. I’m hoping to be more present and do more on the website’s blog – especially for parents who are tired, struggling and so busy that finding time with God is almost impossible. God wisdom in a small nutshell if you like!

I’d had to cut down on how much I wrote for Christian Today, but now I can build back up to my normal of one or two articles a month. They have just commissioned a new one that I will be working on next week. I also get one off commissions to write and have a 1,500 word piece to do on “mission and dispelling the disability/tragedy narrative”. I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into that one!

At the moment I’m just doing invites to speak and train, and have been blessed by how many are remaining on line or doing hybrid conferences. I have quite a few bookings in the diary – but have room for more!
I offer free training to churches who cannot afford to bring people in – bespoke for their situation along with some basic training and thinking. At the moment I will be continuing to offer these online, but will re-evaluate on whether ‘in person’ training would be safe for me in the new year.

Spring Harvest
I love Spring Harvest and the heart they have for being welcoming to those of us who have disabilities and additional needs. I will be continuing as their additional needs and disability advisor, and serving as a consultant on one of the sites. I’ve had to keep my input at a basic level over the last couple of years, but am looking forward to getting more ‘stuck in’ now!
My final call to ministry was at Spring Harvest, and I remember writing to the then CEO in the 1990’s about the poor provision for children with additional needs – I was listened to, responded to, and the rest as they say is history…..

Evangelical Alliance Council
I love the EA and serving them on the council. I will continue serving in what ever way I can for as long as they want me, and continue speaking into areas to do with additional needs, disability and belonging.

Pondering Platypus Resources:
I have many resources from years and years in ministry. I’ve always tried to make them accessible in the wider sense. 
Not all children with additional needs have profound learning disabilities – a myth I have to fight a lot! Many children can be supported by using the right language and understanding the environment many children need. This is where most of these resources are aimed, and I’d like to get more of them on this website.
I would also like to make sure I can provide at least some resources or ideas that would support children that do have more severe learning disabilities, as these are the children least likely to have resources that grow faith, or allow them to respond to God and what he is doing in their lives.

But first things first
I’ve been at full pelt for quite some time and still struggling with post vaccine fatigue after three months. I need to slow down for a while, think, pray, listen to some good books and reclaim my office from the mess that constantly being too busy makes! My desk is clear, as is the view in front of the web camera, but the rest is a disaster of unspeakable messiness! (I know there’s a floor in there somewhere….)

As always, the bible verse that is my job description is the header for what is to come, especially the unknowns of where this ministry will lead me:

Micah 6:8 
The Lord has shown you what is good.
He has told you what he requires of you.
You must act with justice.
You must love to show mercy.
And you must be humble as you live in the sight of your God.

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