We’re not the best at updating those who pray for us. Aside from the monthly mission partner updates for our home church, we tend to rely on social media to update…. but many of our prayer partners don’t follow social media (sensible people)!

We can only do what we do with prayer, therefore; here is a ‘proper’ update. Thankyou for caring and praying for us. We’ll put the prayer points in bold at the end of each section, but don’t let that limit your prayers.

You can see our diary here – such that it is. Just think zoom after zoom and you’ll be mainly right! (Hence the picture!)

The first thing to note is, we have had to change website platforms (You really don’t need to know the ins and outs of why!!)
You are currently looking at the bright and sparkly new site for Kay. It was kaymorgangurr.com, but Kay always thought that sounded pretentious! The domain she always wanted has in the meantime become available so it now has the name she personally writes under theponderingplatypus.com. Far less pretentious and a little more fun!

The Pondering Platypus Resources website will also have to move – which is a bit of a pain! (Literally – this is a lot of work for Kay’s wobbly eyes). This will take a while to both transfer the name and the resources currently on there.
Please pray for the practicalities of this, for wisdom in what transfers to where and how to do it, plus clarity of thought in the wrestling with a new website platform.

Children Matter.
Kay is the Current chair of this like minded group of people. We tend to use the name of the long term project we are working with rather than the Children Matter name – this is ‘FaithFull Generation’.

You can find out more about Children Matter and FaithFull Generation by clicking here

This month marks the start of the next stage of the project. This will be over the next three years and hopefully produce resources that will build up and support those who work with children and families.

We have gathered specialists in various areas of children and family work for a series of ‘Think Tanks’ that will lead into a series of forums for those working in these fields.
These specialists have given us a not inconsiderable amount of time to do this – which we are so grateful for!
Please pray for us as a group as we work together to put these event on and for the specialists who will be joining us.

Along side the planning and pulling together these events, one of our key members has now stepped back from Children Matter, meaning quite a reshuffle and rethink of how we do things.
Please pray for our team as we try to rethink and regroup whilst also trying to plan our events. Pray for good relationships and all of the work we need to do.

For Kay: Please pray for wisdom, for energy to do the work, and clarity of thought and speech as she leads the group, pull lots of busy people together and generally does lots of chair person stuff.

Additional Needs Alliance

With Around 2,600 members now, we have grown hugely! This year saw our 9th birthday – and we are so grateful for all this group is and have become in that time.

Kay now has a wonderful core team supporting her and her co-founder Mark. All through the pandemic they have met on zoom roughly every two weeks to chat and to pray, and this has been a huge blessing to all of them.
Please pray for the team – this is an area of ministry they all love, but acknowledge that it is a hard, spiritually and emotionally draining journey. Pray for Mark and Kay as they lead, write, train and speak.

Kay’s other work in the area of additional needs and disability has been very busy – lots of articles written, interviews given, and training done. There has also been much planning and scheming with other colleagues across many organisations.
Please pray for Kay in this very difficult and draining ministry. It is difficult to see any fruit due to the unwillingness of many churches and ministries to be inclusive when it comes to disability and additional needs. Please pray for changed hearts and minds!

Steve’s Work
Steve, despite being semi-retired, is busy with various things. He is pastor to Children Worldwide and on their steering group. He also hosts a fortnightly team chat for the members.
Do pray for wisdom as he pastors and supports in the ‘steering’.

Steve also does short puppet videos for individual children who need encouragement, and also for other organisations by request. We still get requests for his songs, many of them still being used.

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