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Pondering Platypus Training & Consultancy.

Supporting inclusion, belonging & faith formation for every age & ability. 

This is a place to connect with the life & ministry of Kay Morgan-Gurr, working alongside and with disabled people and those with additional needs, as a speaker, consultant, advisor, trainer & writer.

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Latest Posts:

  • DPWW: Disabled People Worth Watching?
    [Note: I write the following from a deep love and respect for the Evangelical corner of the church. Out of that respect, I want the best for the churches, the leaders and those who attend. My sending church is an Evangelical Free church and I love it – deeply. They are family. In this blog I am talking generally, I’m not talking specifically about […]
  • Chat or Avoid – The Choice Is Yours
    Imagine being in a room where there’s about to be a meeting with lots of people attending. Some are already there, and others arriving. Now imagine people walking in, seeing you there, then stopping – swaying due to the sudden stop, and then suddenly doing a tight turn to walk in a different direction away from you. Imagine the same thing at meal times, […]
  • Can’t….or Can?
    Poster is from Stickman Communications Image description: A4 Poster with paragliding stickman who is in a wheelchair. Text: Can’t exists…but I’m too busy with can to worry about it. I’m often told I can’t or I shouldn’t…….I can’t do a ministry job, I can’t go there, I can’t travel on that train (because the only wheelchair space is taken), I shouldn’t be doing that in […]
  • Why does Jesus heal people in the Gospels?
    Originally posted on Fearfully and wonderfully made:
    This blog is seeking to understand more fully why Jesus heals people in the gospel accounts. Specifically does Jesus’ healing signify some kind of physical norm that people need to be restored to as part of Jesus’ mission to ultimately restore all of creation? I will argue that this is not the case, rather that Jesus heals…
  • An Awareness Day (Again!)
    It’s Fibromyalgia awareness day, and I remembered it the day before rather than late at night on the actual day! Go me! It comes around so quickly, and because I’m painfully aware of it everyday its ‘special day’ can easily pass me by. Fibro isn’t actually my main condition, but one that complicates and makes other conditions difficult to manage. It’s also the special […]