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A place to connect with the life & ministry of Kay Morgan-Gurr

Building Spiritual Resilience in
Children of All Abilities

As a Consultant • Advisor • Trainer • Writer
On Children’s Work • Additional Needs • Disability

I am Co Founder of the Additional Needs Alliance.
We have a Facebook group where there are families, workers, volunteers and those who have additional needs and disabilities themselves – all working together.
We also have a website, where you can see our vision and aims.

I am in the process of setting up the ‘Pondering Platypus Resources’ website.
It will be full of accessible prayer resources for families to use together.
The link will take you to its temporary home.

I am Chair of Children Matter, the group of people behind the FaithFull Generation Project. You can Follow FaithFull generation on both Facebook and Twitter.

I am a member of Children Worldwide, and was the national director along with my husband Steve for many years.

Latest Posts

A vaccine bottle on a red surface

Faith Vaccination

Vaccines have understandably taken on a new wonder recently. It’s the thing that appears to be bringing about a lowering of illness and death, and the reason we are starting to have more freedoms. As a ex nurse, I’ve always been a believer in all vaccines. They are a good thing. A dead, weakened or…

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Morgan-Gurr Musings May 2021

The first thing to note is, we have had to change website platforms (You really don’t need to know the ins and outs of why!!)You are currently looking at the bright and sparkly new site for Kay. It was, but Kay always thought that sounded pretentious! The domain she always wanted has in the…

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Two line drawing people, one wanting to hug the other who is not wanting to be hugged

Hugs & Awareness Days

The writer in me really enjoys having two random things to combine in a post, and today gives me the satisfaction of being able to do this. Both of the illnesses I have are pain disorders: One is Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (CMPS). If I lived in the USA I could add ‘stage four’ at…

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person using black laptop computer on white table, glasses folded in front of the computer, and a foliage plant behind it.

Transferring Websites

Due to changes in the software on Wix, editing my old site is no longer visually accessible – which has forced me to look elsewhere.It seems many website creating platforms help you to make your site accessible to others……but they don’t expect visually impaired to people to create websites!I’ve also been recently told of many…

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