• Can’t….or Can?

    Poster is from Stickman Communications Image description: A4 Poster with paragliding stickman who is in a wheelchair. Text: Can’t exists…but I’m too busy with can to worry about it. I’m often told I can’t or I shouldn’t…….I can’t do a ministry job, I can’t go there, I can’t travel on that train (because the only wheelchair […]

  • Why does Jesus heal people in the Gospels?

    Originally posted on Fearfully and wonderfully made:
    This blog is seeking to understand more fully why Jesus heals people in the gospel accounts. Specifically does Jesus’ healing signify some kind of physical norm that people need to be restored to as part of Jesus’ mission to ultimately restore all of creation? I will argue that…

  • An Awareness Day (Again!)

    It’s Fibromyalgia awareness day, and I remembered it the day before rather than late at night on the actual day! Go me! It comes around so quickly, and because I’m painfully aware of it everyday its ‘special day’ can easily pass me by. Fibro isn’t actually my main condition, but one that complicates and makes […]

  • What Does the Bible Really Say About Healing?

    “Can I pray for your legs?” That’s a phrase I hear a lot and wish I didn’t hear it quite so often. I always say no! That might seem a little rude, but I have my reasons (aside from being regularly and rudely accosted this way). People see my wheelchair and therefore my obvious disability.  […]

  • Children Who ‘Hate’ God

    What if you knew a child who said they hated God, because He gave them a disability? How would you react? What would you think? Would you consider what could bring a child to the point of saying this? Would you consider what made them hate their disability and who they were so much, that […]

  • Welcome!

    If you are here because you’ve heard me on the radio recently – Welcome! You will see that there’s not a lot written here! That’s because I write for a lot of other publications. If you go to Christian Today and search on my name, you will be able to find what I’ve written there. […]

  • Endemic Doesn’t Mean Safer

    I’ve been interviewed on our local BBC radio station a couple of times recently. This is because a tweet I wrote was picked up by them. It had a photo of my lanyard that makes it clear that I’m still vulnerable to covid. Alongside the photo I’d written a quote from Ghandi: “The true measure […]

  • A View From Reddit

    In my ministry it’s fairly easy to fly under the radar. I rarely get ‘trolled’ and am more likely to be ignored. The only form of trolling I seem to get is from the ‘healing ninjas’ who want me ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’ and from those wanting to correct my theology. For all this I am […]

  • The Things People Say!

    March 1st is International Wheelchair day, and December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities (#IDPD2021). Wow, that’s a mouthful! You might not know that I’m a wheelchair user and as such, I get a lot of weird things said to me! So, I wanted to have some fun and show some of the […]

  • Problem? Or Purpose & Potential?

    I originally wrote this over 9 years ago! It was posted on my ancient ‘Musings of a kids worker’ blog, but I found the draft of it when sorting through old files trying to find something else. Because it’s ‘Disability History Month’ I’ve been picking up some historical blogs again and this has been added […]